Video Games: Listening Practice 1 (discussion)

By | December 11, 2017

The following questions are based on the story of video games provided by Voice of America. You can download the Mp3 file by clicking this link Video games

1. What is the topic of the talk?
A. researches about effects of video games
B. good and bad effects of video games
C. scientists doing research on video games
D. how video games make children happy
E. effects of video games on children behavior

2. Researchers at Oxford University tried to find out the relationship between the amount of time spent on playing video games and … .
A. the quality of life
B. the quality of family relations
C. the level of agressiveness
D. the level of happiness
E. the level of violence

3. How many children and teenagers were asked when the research was performed?
A. 5000
B. 500
C. 5500
D. 50
E. 505

4. The results of the research suggest that children who spend … away from school on video games are the happiest.
A. the whole time
B. two thirds of their time
C. twice their time
D. the whole day
E. one third of their time

5. According to the research, if you don’t play video games at all, you are … .
A. less happy
B. not happy
C. lonely
D. happier
E. less smart

6. However, the research also suggests that the effect of video games is … that of family members, friendship, and poverty.
A. as strong as
B. stronger than
C. less strong than
D. much stronger than
E. almost as strong as

7. A study by researchers at Dartmouth College, however, shows that playing video games also link to … .
A. theft
B. robbery
C. alcohol
D. murder
E. bullying

8. The results of the first study were reported in … .
A. Journal of Personality
B. Social Psychology
C. Pedeatrics
D. Grand Theft Auto
E. Social Justice

9. The text is categorized as a discussion because … .
A. it presents two different topics
B. it views a topic from two different studies
C. it discusses different results of a study
D. it gives the listener a broader horizon
E. it describes a topic in great details

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