Twitter: Listening Practice 2 (discussion)

By | December 27, 2015

The following questions are based on some opinions of a girl about Twitter. You can download the Mp3 file or listen online by clicking this link Twitter

1. The spoken text is categorized as a discussion text because … .
A. it explains why Twitter is disadvantageous
B. it describes in details what Twitter is
C. it covers advantages and disadvantages of Twitter
D. it tries to convince people that Twitter is good
E. it persuades the listeners to believe in the speaker’s idea

2. How many advantages of twitter is the speaker talking about?
A. 5
B. 4
C. 3
D. 2
E. 1

3. The speaker says that one advantage of Twitter is that you can reach out … .
A. all old friends you have
B. all relatives you have
C. anyone in the same country
D. anyone anywhere in the world
E. any friend in the world

4. Another advantage of Twitter is that you can … .
A. find great content in it
B. chat with people easily
C. listen to people talking
D. share pictures with anyone
E. share your feelings with others

5. What kind of content can you find in Twitter’s streams according to the speaker?
A. various kinds of pictures
B. Photos and paintings
C. songs and poems
D. specific subject
E. various subjects

6. One disadvantage of Twitter according to the speaker is that it … .
A. makes you addicted to it
B. has too many followers
C. is a boring electronic medium
D. has limited space for you to write on
E. charges you a large amount of money

7. According to the speaker, how many characters can you use to write something on Twitter?
A. 160
B. 145
C. 140
D. 100
E. 162

8. According to the speaker, your content should be … .
A. lengthy and comprehensive
B. brief and to the point
C. short and entertaining
D. wordy and inspiring
E. precise but unclear

9. Another disadvantage of twitter is that there are too many … .
A. contents
B. messages
C. spams
D. viruses
E. pictures

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