Tomatoes: listening practice 1 (report)

By | December 24, 2017

The following questions are based on a report about tomatoes.You can download the Mp3 file by clicking this link: Tomatoes.

1. The talk you hear is a report. It is called report mainly because … .
A. the speaker literally reports facts of tomatoes
B. the speaker describes tomatoes in general
C. the speaker describes a specific tomato plant
D. the speaker talks about how to grow tomatoes
E. the speaker explains how tomatoes are grown

2. Which tomatoes should be planted rather close together?
A. all kinds of tomatoes
B. special tomatoes
C. small tomatoees
D. larger toamtoes
E. tomatoes of any kind

3. What is one method to support larger tomatoes that can grow 2 metres tall?
A. using sticks
B. using fences
C. using nothing
D. using threads
E. using wires

4. What is the purpose of supporting larger tomatoe plants?
A. to hold the suckers and fruits
B. to allow farmers to harvest them
C. to prevent the fruits from falling off
D. to make the plants stand firmly
E. to give more water to the plants

5. Parts of tomato plants that are called suckers are actually branches that come directly from … .
A. the roots
B. the leaves
C. the trunk
D. the fruits
E. the stems

6. Sometimes people add lime to the plants in order to … .
A. provide extra calcium
B. supply more moisture
C. allow them to grow taller
D. make the soil fertile
E. get good harvest

7. People often use dried grass and leaves for taking care of tomato plants to … .
A. make the soil more fertile
B. prevent the soil from drying out
C. keep the plants grow taller
D. make the plants bear more fruits
E. give tomatoes more color and taste

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