To Build A Fire (Part 2): Listening Practice 2 (narrative)

By | December 11, 2017

The following questions are based on the story called To Build A fire from the Voice of America. You can download the Mp3 file by clicking this link To Build A fire (part 2)

1. When did the man stop for lunch?
A. at 12 o’clock
B. at 1 o’clock
C. at 2 o’clock
D. at 3 o’clock
E. at 4 o’clock

2. What did the man eat?
A. bread and potato
B. rice and meat
C. meat and bread
D. potato and meat
E. bread and rice

3. He took off his glove on his right hand, then he put it on again. Why did he put it on again?
A. he felt a sharp pain
B. he did that for no reason
C. he wanted to eat quickly
D. he couldn’t feel his hand
E. he felt extremely cold

4. How did the man keep himself warm before he ate?
A. he put on more layers of clothes
B. he built a fire from pieces of wood
C. he put on double gloves
D. he kept on eating
E. he lit a cigar and began to smoke

5. What had delayed his journey to Henderson Creek?
A. his feet sank into the water
B. he got his jacket and shirt wet
C. he felt so tired of walking
D. he ate too much he felt sleepy
E. he stopped too long for lunch

6. When did it happen?
A. 10 minutes after he finished his lunch
B. 15 minutes after he finished his lunch
C. 20 minutes after he finished his lunch
D. 25 minutes after he finished his lunch
E. 30 minutes after he finished his lunch

7. Where did he stop to build a fire after that?
A. near a frozen spring
B. on top of a frozen stream
C. near some pieces of wood
D. under some trees
E. at an unknown place

8. What was the temperature?
A. 40 degrees below zero
B. 45 degrees below zero
C. 50 degrees below zero
D. 55 degrees below zero
E. 60 degrees below zero

9. How did he compare himself to the old men in Fair Banks ?
A. He was strong, they were weak.
B. They were strong, he was weak.
C. He was wrong, they were right.
D. They were wrong, he was right.
E. He was tough, and so were they.

10. What did they warn him not to do?
A. build a fire under big trees
B. walk without fur boots and gloves on
C. travel alone at such low temperature
D. walk on thin ice with a stream underneath
E. travel without stopping for lunch

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