To Build A Fire (Part 1): Listening Practice 1 (narrative)

By | December 11, 2017

The following questions are based on the story called To Build A fire from the Voice of America. You can download the Mp3 file by clicking this link To Build A Fire Part 1

1. How does the storyteller describe his surroundings?
A. grey and freezing
B. warm and beautiful
C. nice and warm
D. quiet and frightening
E. cold and crowded

2. The man was walking on … .
A. a winding road
B. a long highway
C. a narrow path
D. a dirt road
E. a paved road

3. The man was traveling … .
A. at a night time
B. in the evening
C. at a day time
D. in the afternoon
E. from dusk till dawn

4. What was the man heading to a camp  near Handerson Creek for?
A. to eat hot food
B. to meet with friends
C. to enjoy the scenery
D. to build a fire
E. to set up a camp

5. How did the man feel?
A. lonely
B. sad
C. afraid
D. uncomfortable
E. happy

6. Who was walking with the man?
A. a grey wolf
B. a grey animal
C. a faithful company
D. an old friend
E. a big dog

7. What was the man wearing to cover his feet?
A. sandals
B. flip-flops
C. fur boots
D. leather shoes
E. fur gloves

8. The place called Indian Creek he came to was … .
A. an ice-covered stream
B. an ice-covered road
C. a snow-covered path
D. a place with tall trees
E. an Indian settlement

9. There was one spot in that place that he avoided because he knew the ice was thin. How did he know that?
A. There was a sign near the spot
B. He broke the ice and got himself wet
C. He stepped on it and broke the ice
D. A friend told him to avoid that spot
E. He saw a flowing spring under the ice

10. What might happen if he stepped on the thin ice?
A. He could be killed by the freezing water
B. He could be trapped in that spot forever
C. He could loose his warm clothes and boots
D. Nothing would happen because he was tough
E. Nothing would happen because it was safe place

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