The Simple Past Tense vs The Simple Present Tense: Exercise

By | February 17, 2015

Instruction: Decide whether to use the simple present tense or the simple past tense for each verb.

1. The girl (visit) … me very often. She (visit) … me again last night.

2. Marina (go) … to school by bus every morning. This morning she (go) … to school by car.

3. David often (ask) … questions in class. He (ask) … two questions yesterday.

4. Susan (live, not) … here anymore. She (live) … here last year.

5. I (watch) … a soccer match on TV every evening. I (watch) … another match last night.

6. Popi usually (go) … to work by car. But this morning, she (go) … to school by bus.

7. Ismu (do) … some gardening every morning. He (do) … some gardening, too this morning.

8. The book (be) … on the table right now. It (be) … in my room last night.

9. Kristina (borrow) … books from the library regularly. She (borrow) … two yesterday.

10. The baby usually (sleep) … for 8 hours. She (sleep) … for eight hours last night.

11. My sister (get) … up at seven every morning. She also (get) … up at seven this morning.

12. I (write) … a letter to my parents every week. I (write) … a letter to them last week.

13. The students (have) … to read one fictional novel every week. They (read) … one last week.

14. Dinda (eat) … breakfast very morning. She (eat) … her breakfast at 6.30 this morning.

15. My sister often (dream) … in her sleep. She (dream) … again last night.

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