The Simple Past Tense vs the Present Perfect Tense: Exercise

By | February 2, 2018

Instruction: Decide whether you should use the simple present tense or the simple past tense for each verb.

1. A: Why don’t you call your dad and tell him about your problem?
B: I (call) … him already. In fact, I (call) … him last night.

2. A: Let’s go to the movies.
B: I’d love to, but I (see) … the film before. I (see) … two days ago.

3. A: How many cities in Java (you, visit) … so far?
B: I (be) … to Jakarta, Bandung, and Bogor. I (be) … in Jakarta in 1981. I (be) … in Bandung and Bogor in 1984.

4. I (eat) … at the restaurant many times. I (eat) … there again with my daughter last night.

5. A: Stop joking and get back to work.
B: I (finish) … my work. I (finish) … it two hours ago.

6. A: Where is Dad?
B: He (just, go) … out. He (go) … out 10 minutes ago.

7. A: Would you like to have dinner with us?
B: No, thanks. We (have, already) … dinner. We (have) … dinner an hour ago.

8. A: Do you want to see the play at the theatre?
B: We (see) … the play. We (see) … it last night.

9. A; We (go) … to Borobudur tomorrow. You can join us.
B: No, thanks. I (be) … there twice. In fact, I (go) … there last week.

10. A: This novel is very interesting.
B: My father (buy) … that novel for me. He (buy) … it in Jakarta last week.

11. A: That’s Professor Alan. You (talk) … to him about your grades?
B: Yes, I (talk) … to him already. I (talk) … to him yesterday.

12. Wayan (meet) … a lot of people since he (come) … to this neighborhood last year.

13. Mr. Joko: Why don’t you do the math exercises, Hari?
Hari: I (finish) … them all, sir. I (finish) … them last night.

14. Mr. Pokil: You (do) … your homework, Abdul?
Abdul: I’m sorry, sir. I (do, not) … it yet. The power (black) … out in my neighborhood last nigh.

15. I (tell) … my parents that I’m going to Jakarta tomorrow. I (tell) … them this morning.

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