The Simple Future Tense, The Future Continuous Tense, The Future Perfect Tense: Review Exercise

By | December 6, 2017

Instruction: Put the verb in brackets into the simple future tense, the future continuous tense, or the future perfect tense.

1. I (go) … for a swim in the river tomorrow morning.

2. You can call me around 6 P.M. this evening. When you call me, I probably (watch) … television.

3. Dinner (be) … served around 7 P.M. But I’m sure my mom (finish) … cooking before 7 P.M.

4. The family (move) … to Pontianak next week. But they haven’t told their relatives about this yet. I’m afraid they (move) … when their relatives come here.

5. This car is going slowly. Banu (wait) … for a few minutes when we get there.

6. I bet Joni will beat Banu. He (reach) … the finish line before Banu does.

7. A: We (leave) … for Jakarta very early tomorrow morning. Don’t wake up late!
B: Okay. I (wake) … up before you do.

8. A: I (tell) … Banu the story tomorrow.
B: He (not, listen) … to you.

9. My son is a good student. He (go) … to university next year. I’m sure he (pass) … the entrance test.

10. Banu is a good guy. He (get) … married next week. He (work) … at the company for 5 years when he gets married.

11. The day after tomorrow is the dead-line. The students (submit) … the papers on that day. But I (submit) … mine tomorrow.

12. Banu is very ill. He is being hospitalized. He (stay) … at the hospital for 2 months next week.

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