The Simple Future or the Future Continuous Tense

By | December 28, 2015

Instruction: Put the verb in brackets into the simple future tense or the future continuous tense. In some situations, both tenses are possible.

1. A: Can I see you at 7 PM tommorow night?
B: Sorry, you can’t. I (play, still) … tennis.

2. A: I (be) … very busy tonight.
B: What (you, do) …?
A: I (grade) … my students’ papers.

3. A: You can come to my house tonight. But don’t come at 7. I (be) … very busy doing my homework.
B: Ok. I (come) … around 5 then.

4. A: You (study) … in the library at 3 PM this afternoon?
B: No, I (take) … a nap at home.

5. Do you want to join us? We (go) … to Borobudur tommorow. We (leave) … early in the morning.

6. Hi, Jack. There (be) … a good program on TV tonight. Holyfield (fight) … against Steward.

7. The president (visit) … this town the day after tommorow for a campaign. He (speak) … to the people.

8. A: Who do you think (win) … the singing contest?
B: George. He (win) … the first prize. At least the second prize. He has a good voice.

9. A: We (have) … some guests tommorow morning. They are from Australia.
B: That sounds nice. You (give) … a few words to welcome them?
A: No. The principal (deliver) … a brief welcome speech.

10. A: How is your brother?
B: He’s fine. He (graduate) … next year. Then, he (go) … to university.

11. A: Have you met the new student?
B: Not yet. I want to meet her.
A: She (come) … in a minute. You (like) … her. She is sweet and friendly.

12. This time next week I (stay) … at a hotel in Chicago. The following day I (fly) … to San Fransisco.

13. A: Have you heard the latest news?
B: No. What is it?
A: Our friend Nina (get) … married next week.

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