The Simple Present Tense, The Present Continuous Tense, The Present Perfect Tense, The Present Perfect Continuous Tense: Review Exercise 2

By | February 8, 2015

Instruction: Decide whether you should use the simple present tense, the present continuous tense, the present perfect tense, or the present perfect continuous tense.

1. My pet dog Bruno (sleep) … on the floor. He (sleep) … for an hour or so. He (sleep) … for 3 hours every day. I (have) … him for a year.

2. Jono: We (get) … married tomorrow.
Joko: You (tell) … your mom about it?
Jono: I (call) … her twice, but she (not, answer) …. yet.

3. Maria: What (you, read) … Rina?
Rina: I (read) … a history book. I (study) … .
Maria: You (understand) … it?
Rina: I do. I (read) … the first three chapters so far. Quite interesting.
Maria: You (often, read) … a book here?
Rina: Yes, I do.

4. Marta: Who (be) … that girl? I think I (see) … her before.
Rita: It’s Melly. She (live) … next door. She (live) … here for two years.

5. I (have) a boy friend. He (be) … super handsome. He (live) … in another town. He (live) … there since he got a new job. We (know) … each other for a long time. He used to be my neighbor.

6. Maria: Where (you, go) … Rina?
Rina: I (go) … to the library.
Maria: How often you (borrow) … books from the library?
Rina: Once a week.
Maria: How many books (you, borrow) … so far?
Rina: I don’t know. But I (read) … at least two books a week.

7. I (head) … to Jakarta by train now. I (sit) … next to a fat man. He is a tourist. He (come) … from Japan. He (go) … to Jakarta, too. He (visit) … Surabaya and Malang before. He (like) … Malang. He (come) … back again next year.

8. The farmers (be) … on the field. They (be) … there for hours, harvesting. They (have) … a big crop this year.

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