The Present Perfect Tense: Exercise 2

By | December 4, 2017

Instruction: Rewrite the following sentences using the present perfect tense. Use since or for.


I last saw Joni on his sister’s wedding day.
I haven’t seen Joni since his sister’s wedding day.

1. I last wrote a novel last year.
2. I last ate ‘sate’ when I was in Madura.
3. My mother last read a newspaper on September 4.
4. Mrs. Eveline last taught us two weeks ago.
5. They last visited their grandmother two years ago.
6. He last bought a bottle of wine six months ago.
7. I last saw Hery last spring.
8. She last made a dress when her sister got married.
9. He last played soccer last summer.
10. They last went for a hunt in the forest two years ago.
11. Maria last received a letter from Joni a month ago.
12. The boys last went to a concert twwo years ago.
13. I last traveled to Bali when I was fifteen.
14. She last performed on stage last summer.
15. We last visited Borobudur two years ago.

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