The Present Perfect Continuous Tense vs The Present Perfect Tense: Exercise

By | December 11, 2017

Instruction: Decide whether you should use the present perfect continuous tense or the present perfect tense.

1. A: You (work) … for over five hours. Why don’t you stop and take a rest.
B: I (not, finish) … yet.

2. A: Do you like collecting stamps?
B: Yes, I do. I (collect) … stamps since I was a child.

3. A: Why don’t you call your mom and tell her about your engagement plan?
B: I (call) … her twice.

4. My dad (work) … for the firm for twenty years, and my mom (teach) … at the university for over fifteen years.

5. Don’t you feel tired? We (walk) … for over two hours. Let’s stop. Besides, we (walk) … ten miles so far.

6. I’m reading a very good book. I (read) … it since yesterday. I 9read) …two chapters so far. I’m not done yet.

7. Bagus is a writer. He (be) … a writer since he was seventeen. He is fourty five now. So, he (write) … for about 28 years. He (write) … tens of novels so far.

8. A: How mmany countries (you, visit) … so far?
B: I (visit) … six countries.

9. A: How long (we, walk) …?
B: We (walk) … for three hours. We (walk) … ten km.

10. I (write) …two letters to her, but I (not, receive) … any replies from her.

11. My friend David is a very talented pianist. He (be) … a pianist since he was around nine. He is playing the piano in his room at the moment. He (play) … it for over half an hour. He (play) … three songs.

12. My brother lives in San Fransisco now. He (live) … there for ten years. I (visit) … him twice. But since he moved there, he (visit, never) … us here in Jakarta. But he (write) … more than 25 letters instead.

13. She is travelling to Europe now. She (travel) … for 3 weeks. She (visit) … three countries so far.

14. My father (buy, just) … me a good book. Unfortunately, I (read) … this kind of book sometime before.

15. Budi and Markus are film producers. They (know) … each other since they were in elementary school. They (make) … ten movies since they agreed to work together.

16. A: Do you know that man? He (sit) … under the tree since this morning.
B: I think I (see) … him somewhere before.

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