The Present Perfect Continuous Tense: Exercise 1

By | December 11, 2017

Instruction: Put the verb in the brackets in the present perfect continuous tense.

1. The students are playing soccer. They (play) … since it stopped raining.
2. Mr. Budi is teaching in my class. He (teach) … since seven thirty.
3. Look, the man is trying to open the door. He (try) … since he arrived home.
4. We’re doing our homework. We (do) … it for an hour.
5. Pardi is playing the piano. He (play) … for an hour.
6. Sarah is typing. She (type) … since this morning.
7. Budiman is talking on the phone. He (talk) … for over 30 minutes.
8. It is raining. It (rain) … since I got up this morning.
9. Maria is listening to the radio. She (listen) … to it since she turned it on an hour ago.
10. Parjo is watching TV. He (watch) … for an hour.
11. Nurdin and his friends are camping in the woods. They (camp) … there for a week.
12. Rina is writing a letter. She (write) … for half an hour.
13. Dora is cycling around the neighborhood. She (cycle) … since this morning.
14. Rita and Tari are swimming in the river. They (swim) … for an hour.
15. I am cleaning the bathroom. I (do) … it for thirty minutes.

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