The Present Continuous Tense: Exercise 2

By | February 2, 2018

Instruction: Answer each of the following questions, using the verb in the brackets. You can add an approppriate word.Remember that the verb + -ing means “sedang” in Bahasa Indonesia.

Example: What is your sister doing? (sweep)
She is sweeping the floor.

1. What are Mary and John doing? (sing)

2. What is Any’s father doing in the back yard? (cut)

3. What are the people doing in the park? (play)

4. What is your mother doing in the living room? (read)

5. What is your sister doing in the bedroom? (write)

6. What are you doing here? (wait)

7. What is the man in black suit doing? (repair)

8. What is the woman doing? (clean)

9. What are the students doing in the classroom? (listen to)

10. What is Mrs. Ana doing in the classroom? (teach)

11. What is your brother probably doing right now? (take a nap)

12. What are your classmates doing? (draw)

13. What is your nephew doing now? (read)

14. What are the teachers doing in the teachers’ room? (have a conversation)

15. What is your next door neighbor doing? (garden)

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