The Past Perfect Tense: Exercise 1

By | December 28, 2015

Instruction: Put the verb in the brackets into the past perfect tense.

1. The man (lock) … the door before he went out.
2. By the time you came yesterday, my dad (already, leave) … for Jakarta. That’s why you couldn’t meet him.
3. After he (have) … lunch, John went to his friend’s house.
4. I (already, tell) … her to be more careful before she hit the road.
5. Before she moved to Berlin, she (live) … In London for 15 hours.
6. Anna (study) … for two hours before she had dinner with me.
7. The burglar (get) … away before the police came.
8. The students (already, clean) … the white board when the teacher entered the classroom.
9. Before 9 PM last night, Yenny (finish) … reading all the novels.
10. When we arrived, the show (already, begin) … .
11. I came late to the meeting. It (already, finish) … when I entered the meeting room.
12. The people (leave) … the city before the enemy attacked.
13. Before the fire brigade came, the fire (burn) … down the whole building.
14. The students were safe. Before the classroom roof (fall) … in, the students (already, rush) … to the school yard.
15. I didn’t see Paul at the party last night although we (invite) … two days ago.

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