The Past Perfect Continuous Tense vs The Past Perfect Tense

By | December 28, 2015

Instruction: Put the verb in the brackets into the past perfect continuous tense or the past perfect tense. in some cases, both tenses are possible.

1. The students (finish, already) … doing all the grammar exercises when the teacher told them to do so.
2. I (wash) … my motorbike for half an hour when it started to rain.
3. My sister (already, return) … the books to the library before her father asked her to.
4. It seemed that everybody (already, go) … to work before we arrived. Nobody was in the house.
5. The rain (stop) … by the time we got into a taxi.
6. It (rain) … hard. The dirt roads became wet.
7. My brother John (paint) … the walls for two hours before the children showed up.
8. The family (leave) … for Surabaya before 7 AM yesterday morning.
9. The mechanics (fix) … the car for about 10 minutes when the engine suddenly started by itself.
10. The police (search) … the area for some explosives for hours before the decided to stop.
11. When Anita came home, her boyfriend (wait) … for almost an hour.
12. We missed the show. The concert (already, end) … when we got there.
13. My dad sometimes forget things. He (not, lock) … the door before he went to work.
14. Mr. Benny (teach) … at the school for more than 15 years when I first taught there.
15. The president (speak) … for only a few minutes when somebody tried to shoot him from the crowd.

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