The Past Perfect Continuous Tense: Exercise 1

By | December 28, 2015

Instruction: Put the verb in the brackets in the past perfect continuous tense.

1. Albert (live) … in Berlin for 5 years when we visited him last year.
2. Daniel (sleep) … for an hour before yesterday evening.
3. The students probably (wait) … for a 9 bus for twenty minutes when I saw them at the bus stop yesterday morning.
4. The English teacher (sit) … in the classroom for 5 minutes, waiting for the students to come in, by the time the bell rang this morning.
5. Dinda (water) … the plants for 15 minutes when suddenly it started to rain.
6. Nadia (paint) … a book-shelf for 10 minutes by the time her mother called her for lunch.
7. I (talk) … on the phone for a few minutes when my girl friend came with a large box of pizza this evening.
8. Rina (listen) … to some music for a couple of hours when her school mates dropped by.
9. My brother (work) … hard enough for hours fixing the fan before I asked him to stop for lunch.
10. Maria (play) … the piano for a few minutes when someone knocked at the front door.
11. Nina (wait) … anxiously in the living room for 15 minutes before Parno came to pick her up.
12. Mom (look) … for my little sister for an hour when she finally her sleeping under the oak tree.
13. Yulia (walk) … around the town for hours before she finally stopped and rested.
14. Tati (drive) … around the town for an hour when a policeman stopped her for running the red light.
15. A team of archeologists (do) … some research about the ancient site for a month before the government told them to stop.

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