The Past Continuous Tense: Exercise 2

By | March 1, 2018

Instruction: Combine each pair of sentences with when or while. Write all the possible combinations.


It was raining. My friend showed up.

It was raining when my friend showed up.
My friend showed up when it was raining.
My friend showed up while it was raining.

1. I was studying English. The power blacked out.
2. Rina was cooking dinner. She cut her finger.
3. Peter was heading to school. The accident happened.
4. The baby woke up. Tina was talking on the phone.
5. I heard somebody scream so loudly. I was having a shower.
6. Rini was playing the piano. The chair she was sitting on suddenly collapsed.
7. The bank robber suddenly rushed in and asked the people to get down on the floor. The people were lining up.
8. The band was performing on stage. The stage suddenly crumbled.
9. I was jogging around my neighborhood. I stumbled on something and fell.
10. My nephew was playing a video game. The laptop stopped working.
11. We were planting some vegetables in the garden. A postman came and gave me a letter.
12. A ball broke through the window panes. I was sleeping tight.
13. I was browsing on the Internet for some videos. The connection stopped.
14. Madonna was singing the first song. She fell off the stage.
15. The wind was blowing so hard. The bridge collapsed.

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