The Past Continuous Tense: Exercise 1

By | February 5, 2018

Instruction:Put the verb in brackets in the past continuous tense.

1. It was 7 PM. I (watch) … television. My sister (read) … a magazine.
2. Maria (sleep) … when someone knocked at the door.
3. I (read) … a history book when the accident happened.
4. While Jono (paint) … the room walls, he heard a loud cry.
5. The children (play) … in the yard when my sister got back from work.
6. They (have) … a conversation when a plane hovered over the village.
7. The children (do) … homework while the parents (do) …some house work.
8. The earthquake struck the area while the people (sleep) … .
9. It (rain) … hard when we walked out of the house.
10. The wind (blow) … strongly when the ship set out for Africa.

Instruction: Complete the following sentences with when or while.

1. I was cleaning the window pane … my parents came home.
2. The baby suddenly cried … his mother was doing the washing.
3. The president was speaking at the conference … a bomb exploded.
4. The lightning struck a tree … the people were gathering in the town square.
5. My mom was making a cup of coffee in the kitchen … my sister called her.
6. Lia arrived … her husband was cleaning up the kitchen.
7. Marni was mopping the floor when he found his key.
8. Somebody called out my name … I was driving to school.
9. Julie was talking with her friend … she received a phone call.
10. My sister cut her pointing finger … she was cooking.

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