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The Moringa Oleifera: Listening Practice 2 (report)

The following questions are based on the story of the Moringa Oleifera plant provided by Voice of America. You can download the Mp3 file of the story by clicking this link The Moringa Oleifera

1. The plant is considered valuable because of its … .
A. roots
B. leaves
C. vitamin
D. origin
E. nutrition

2. The following parts of the shrub are useful, except its … .
A. fruit
B. seeds
C. stems
D. roots
E. leaves

3. The plant is grown mainly for … .
A. amusement
B. decoration
C. food
D. drink
E. flour

4. Where is the plant grown?
A. most parts of the world
B. the United States
C. the Himalayas
D. Pakistan
E. Hawaii

5. The Moringa Oleifera is rich in … .
A. food
B. zinc
C. vitamin B
D. protein
E. minerals

6. What is the highest temperature the plant can tolerate?
A. 40 degrees Celcius
B. 49 degrees Celcius
C. 46 degrees Celcius
D. 120 degrees Celcius
E. 12 degrees Celcius

7. A lot of researches about the plant are done in … .
A. India
B. the US
C. Hawaii
D. the Himalayas
E. Puerto Rico

8. You will probably not find the plant in … .
A. dry and humid areas
B. areas with high rainfall
C. excessively freezing areas
D. high moisture places
E. cold areas

The Moringa Oleifera Plant

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