The Future Perfect Continuous Tense: Exercise

By | December 6, 2017

Instruction: Put the verb in brackets into the future perfect continuous tense.

1. Next year Budi (teach) … at the junior high school for two years.
2. Before next year my dad (work) … at the company for 10 years.
3. When you arrive at Bandung, your uncle (wait) … for you for a few minutes at the railway station.
4. Andi is severely ill. Next Sunday he (stay) … at the local hospital for two months.
5. Next year Susana (live) … in the metropolitan city of Jakarta for 2 years.
6. Next month Rita (study) … at the university for a year.
7. Dinda (work) … at home for two months next February.
8. My next door neighbor (serve) … in the military for 10 years next month.

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