Tense Review Exercise

By | December 28, 2015

Instruction: Put the verb in the brackets into the simple present tense, the present continuous tense, the present perfect tense, the present perfect continuous tense, the simple past tense, the past continuous tense, or the past perfect tense.

1. Totok (polish) … his shoes every day before he goes to work. He (like) … his shoes clean and shiny.
2. Totok (polish) … his shoes last night. He (make) … them clean and shiny. It only (take) … a few minutes. He (finish) … before dinner.
3. Right now Totok (polish) … his shoes. He (want) … to make them clean and shiny. He (start) … five minutes ago. So, he (polish) … them for 5 minutes.
4. Maria (study) … in her room when the phone (ring) … last night. At the same time, her mom (read) … a woman magazine in the living room.
5. Tania (finish) … studying all chapters of the book. She (be) … tired. That’s why she then (decide) … to go to bed earlier last night.
6. A: Where is Lisa.
B: She (do) … some homework in her room. She (work) … on some math problems. She (finish, not) … yet. She (work) … on them for half an hour.
7. Before she (go) … to the theatre last night, Maria (finish) … reviewing the whole lesson.
8. Lisa (write) … a letter to us every weekend. Now she (write) … one to a her new pen pal in Jakarta. She also (write) … one last week. So far she (write) … tens of letters.
9. The light (go) … out last night. Lisa (be) … in the middle of something. She (write) … a letter to a friend. She then (stop) … writing.
10. The light (go) … out last night. It was a total blackout. Luckily, she (already, finish) … her letter before it happened.
11. A: You (meet) … Yuna this morning?
B: No, I didn’t. She (already, leave) … for the singing contest when I arrived.
12. It was 7 PM. I (watch) … TV. I (hear) … a knock at the door. I (walk) … slowly to it. i carefully (open) … the door. Nobody was there.
13. Johan’s family (live) … in New York for two years during World War II. They now (live) … in San Fransisco. They (live) … there since the Japanese surrendered.
14. While Lisa (work) … on her presentation, she (hear) … her baby cry.
15. The Dark knight Rises is an amazing film. It (become) … a huge hit in the US and some European countries a few days after it was released in 2012. I think I (see) … the film twice. I (see) … it with my friend Jena three years ago.

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