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I Asked Him If He Could Pull Some Strings

By | March 16, 2021

Ada satu idiom menarik yang saya dapatkan dari kanal podcast American English, yaitu pull some strings. Secara harafiah, ungkapan ini berarti menarik beberapa utas senar. Tentu saja, arti sebenarnya bukan itu. Idiom selalu mempunyai makna figuratif. Makna sebenarnya adalah menggunakan koneksi atau pengaruh untuk mendapatkan yang diinginkan. Secara sederhana, kalau sobat mempunyai kenalan orang penting atau sobat sendiri… Read More »

Some/Any & The Simple Present Tense: Mixed exercise

By | December 11, 2017

Instruction: The following is a story about Betty. Complete the sentences with some/any or the approppriate form of the verb in the brackets. Every Sunday morning Betty … (go) to the market. She (go) … there with … (some/any) of her brothers. She … (not, want) to go there alone. She often … (see) … (some/any) girls in… Read More »

Some & Any: Exercise 2

By | February 2, 2018

Instruction: Complete the following sentences with some/any. 1. Parto looks happy. It seems that he doesn’t have … problems of life. 2. Mom is going to the local market. She wants to buy … rice and vegetables. 3. I’m sorry we don’t have … coffee left. 4. Did you encounter … snakes in the bush? 5. I don’t… Read More »

Some & Any

By | December 8, 2017

You use the words some and any when you don’t need/want to specify a certain number or amount. When you say I saw some people gathering in the city hall, that means definitely you saw more than one person there, but you don’t know exactly how many people were there in the city hall. Or, you might think… Read More »

A/An & The: Exercise 3

By | March 22, 2020

Instruction: Add the when necessary. 1. Mr. Black likes … orange juice. 2. Lunch is ready. Shall I serve … wine now? 3. Mary, where is … sugar? Is it on … table next to … fridge? 4. Do you like … weather here? 5. … sun is shining brightly today. 6. … windows are usually made of… Read More »