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15 Contoh Kalimat Dalam Past Perfect Tense Beserta Penjelasannya

By | March 7, 2018

Sobat pembaca, kali ini ditampilkan 15 kalimat dalam past perfect tense beserta penjelasannya. Sobat bisa membaca ulang topik tentang tense ini dengan mengikuti link ini. Secara singkat, tense ini dipakai untuk mendeskripsikan peristiwa yang mulai dan telah selesai sebelum waktu tertentu atau kejadian lain di waktu lampau. Secara sederhana, sobat silakan menggunakan tense ini jika sobat ingin menegaskan bahwa suatu… Read More »

The Present Tenses, The Past Tenses, The Simple Future Tense, The Future Continuous Tense, The Future Perfect Tense: Review Exercise

By | December 19, 2017

Instruction: Put the verb in brackets in the correct form. 1. I have a neighbor, a girl.  She (be) … ten years old. Her name (be) … Tata. She (like) … to watch cartoons on TV. She (watch) … the program every evening before she (study) … . 2. Right now Tata (sit) … in the living room.… Read More »

The Past Perfect Tense vs The Simple Past Tense: Exercise

By | December 28, 2015

Instruction: Decide whether you should use the past perfect tense or the simple past tense. 1. Last night Maria (read) … a very good novel. 2. I (read) … the novel before she (read) … it last night. 3. A burglar (steal) … my bike last night. 4. I am sure that the burglar (plan) … to steal… Read More »

The Past Perfect Tense: Exercise 1

By | December 28, 2015

Instruction: Put the verb in the brackets into the past perfect tense. 1. The man (lock) … the door before he went out. 2. By the time you came yesterday, my dad (already, leave) … for Jakarta. That’s why you couldn’t meet him. 3. After he (have) … lunch, John went to his friend’s house. 4. I (already,… Read More »

The Past Perfect Tense

By | February 5, 2018

The past perfect tense is used to describe: 1. an action that began and finished before another action in the past. Examples: a. The people had already evacuated before the category five tornado struck the city. b. When we arrived at his house, he was not there. He had already left. c. I missed the lesson. When I… Read More »