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15 Contoh Kalimat Dalam Past Continuous Tense

By | March 2, 2018

Sobat pembaca setia, kali ini ditampilkan 15 contoh kalimat dalam past continuous tense. Sobat bisa membaca ulang topik tentang tense ini di link ini. Secara singkat, tense ini dipakai untuk: 1) mendeskripsikan kegiatan yang belum selesai di waktu lampau yang diinterupsi oleh kegiatan lain; dan 2) kegiatan yang sedang berlangsung pada jam spesifik di waktu lampau. We were heading… Read More »

The Present Tenses, The Past Tenses, The Simple Future Tense, The Future Continuous Tense, The Future Perfect Tense: Review Exercise

By | December 19, 2017

Instruction: Put the verb in brackets in the correct form. 1. I have a neighbor, a girl.  She (be) … ten years old. Her name (be) … Tata. She (like) … to watch cartoons on TV. She (watch) … the program every evening before she (study) … . 2. Right now Tata (sit) … in the living room.… Read More »

The Past Continuous Tense: Exercise 2

By | March 1, 2018

Instruction: Combine each pair of sentences with when or while. Write all the possible combinations. Example: It was raining. My friend showed up. It was raining when my friend showed up. My friend showed up when it was raining. My friend showed up while it was raining. 1. I was studying English. The power blacked out. 2. Rina… Read More »

The Past Continuous Tense vs The Simple Past Tense: Exercise

By | February 16, 2017

Instruction: Put the verb in the brackets into the past continuos tense or the simple past tense. 1. Susana (start) … to study for an English test at 6 PM. She (finished) … studying at 8 PM. That means at 7.30 PM she (still, study) … . 2. Yesterday morning, Joko (repair) … his motorbike engine for two… Read More »

The Past Continuous Tense: Exercise 1

By | February 5, 2018

Instruction:Put the verb in brackets in the past continuous tense. 1. It was 7 PM. I (watch) … television. My sister (read) … a magazine. 2. Maria (sleep) … when someone knocked at the door. 3. I (read) … a history book when the accident happened. 4. While Jono (paint) … the room walls, he heard a loud… Read More »

The Past Continuous Tense

By | February 5, 2018

The past continuous tense is used to describe: 1. an unfinished action  in the past that was interrupted by another action; Imagine you started to watch a TV program at around 7 pm last night. You continued to watch it for a few minutes. When you were in the middle of watching the program, which means your watching… Read More »