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The Simple Past Tense vs The Simple Present Tense: Exercise

By | February 17, 2015

Instruction: Decide whether to use the simple present tense or the simple past tense for each verb. 1. The girl (visit) … me very often. She (visit) … me again last night. 2. Marina (go) … to school by bus every morning. This morning she (go) … to school by car. 3. David often (ask) … questions in… Read More »

The Simple Present Tense, The Present Continuous Tense, The Present Perfect Tense: Mixed Exercise

By | January 10, 2015

Instruction: Complete each of the following sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets. 1. A: You (see) … the man and the woman under the tree? B: Yes, I do. A: You (see) … them before? B: No. You? A: Yes, I (see) … them before. They (come) … here every weekend. Look, the man… Read More »

The Simple Present Tense: Exercise 4

By | December 15, 2014

Instruction: Decide whether you should use do, does, is, am, or are. In some cases, you don’t need to use any of those words. Example: I … not a teacher. I am not a teacher. 1. Ani … not like the color of the room. 2. The boys … the best friends I’ve ever had. 3. … you… Read More »