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The Simple Future Tense, The Future Continuous Tense, The Future Perfect Tense: Review Exercise

By | December 6, 2017

Instruction: Put the verb in brackets into the simple future tense, the future continuous tense, or the future perfect tense. 1. I (go) … for a swim in the river tomorrow morning. 2. You can call me around 6 P.M. this evening. When you call me, I probably (watch) … television. 3. Dinner (be) … served around 7… Read More »

The Future Continuous Tense

By | December 28, 2015

It may be useful to try to understand the future continuous tense in the same way as you understand the past continuous tense. The concept is similar. The difference lies in the time of the event. Just shift your mind, and put that concept in the future. Observe the following sentence: At 6 PM this morning, Ani was… Read More »