Why You Should Stop Smoking: Listening Practice 2 (exposition)

By | December 5, 2017

The following questions are based on ideas from Youtube about bad effects of smoking. You can download the Mp3 file by clicking this link Why You Should Stop Smoking.

1. What is the topic being talked about?
A. the danger of smoking
B. the link between smoking and memory loss
C. the negative effects of smoking
D. the number of deaths worldwide
E. the diseases caused by smoking

2. We can conclude that Obama … .
A. smokes
B. doesn’t smoke
C. hates cigarettes
D. never smokes
E. suggests smoking

3. How many people die because of smoking worldwide?
A. 4 thousand
B. 4 million
C. 5 billion
D. 5 million
E. 4 hundred

4. If you smoke, your chance of getting Alzeimer’s disease increases. This finding is based on … .
A. newspapers and magazines
B. recent studies by researchers
C. researchers’ own experiences
D. examination of published studies
E. scientific publications

5. Which of the followings may happen to a person with Alzeimer’s disease?
A. he/she may look much older
B. he/she may love smoking
C. he/she may grow old quickly
D. he/she may get killed
E. he/she may forget things

6. The research findings were published in … .
A. a magazine
B. a newspaper
C. a journal
D. a paper
E. a tabloid

7. Where do the researchers come from?
A. University of San Fransisco
B. University of California
C. University of Chicago
D. University of Colorado
E. University of Wisconsin

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