Some/Any & The Simple Present Tense: Mixed exercise

By | December 26, 2014

Instruction: The following is a story about Betty. Complete the sentences with some/any or the approppriate form of the verb in the brackets.

Every Sunday morning Betty … (go) to the market. She (go) … there with … (some/any) of her brothers. She … (not, want) to go there alone. She often … (see) … (some/any) girls in the market. They usually buy … (some/any) vegetables. Betty often … (ask) for … (some/any) potatoes or tomatoes. But she never … (ask) for … (some/any) chillies. She … (not, like) food with chillies. Ben, one of her brothers, often … (tease) her, “Can you buy me … (some/any) chillies, sis?” There … (is, are) a lot of chillies for sale in the market, but she … (hate) them.

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