Some & Any: Exercise 2

By | February 2, 2018

Instruction: Complete the following sentences with some/any.

1. Parto looks happy. It seems that he doesn’t have … problems of life.

2. Mom is going to the local market. She wants to buy … rice and vegetables.

3. I’m sorry we don’t have … coffee left.

4. Did you encounter … snakes in the bush?

5. I don’t need … new clothes at the moment. I still have many.

6. Do you have … idea who could have borrowed my science book?

7. Is there … one living in the house? It looks like an abandoned house.

8. I don’t see … monkeys in the forest. Instead, I see … snakes.

9. Amira: I need … stamps. Could you give me … ?
Tutut: Yes, I have twenty stamps. You can have … .

10. Amira: I’m thirsty. I need … water.
Tutut: I’m afraid there isn’t … water left.

11. There are … foreign tourists at my store. They seem to be interested to buy … souvenirs. Unfortunately, I can’t speak

12. Amira: I want to write a letter, but I don’t have … paper. Could you give me … Tut?
Tutut: Yes, I have … . Here you are.

13. Amira: look at the table, Tut. What do you see?
Tutut: I see … pens, … books, … rulers. But, I don’t see … erasers there.

14. Amira: Come and have supper with us if you don’t have … homework to do tonight.
Tutut: Sure, I’d love to.

15. Amira; Wow, what do we have here?
Tutut: We have … apples, bananas, and oranges.

16. Amira: Tomorrow is my birthday. I want to buy … new clothes.
Tutut: You don’t need to buy … new clothes. Your clothes are good enough to wear.

17. Amira: … people want to see you. They’re outside.
Tutut: don’t let …one in. I’m busy.

18. Amira: Are there … letters for me?
Tutut: Yes, there are … letters for you.

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