Soap-making: Listening practice 1 (explanation)

By | February 2, 2018

The following questions are based on the story of soap-making by Voice of America. You can download the mp3 file by clicking this link Soap-making.

1. The speaker is talking about … .
A. home-made soap
B. expensive soap
C. rare soap ingredients
D. lower-price soap
E. essential oils

2. What is unique about this soap?
A. It is made from expensive ingredients
B. It contains herbs and essential oils
C. It can only be found in a few places
D. It is extremely expensive
E. It is made especially for special people

3. Where does Mary Kearns live?
A. Suburbs
B. Washington
C. California
D. Virginia
E. A church

4. What are the major ingredients of soap?
A. Water, lye, olive oil
B. Water, sodium hydroxide, lye
C. Water, sodium hydroxide, baby oil
D. Water, lye, essential oils
E. Water, coconut oil, herbs

5. Which ingredient is dangerous?
A. All ingredients
B. Water
C. Essential oils
D. Herbs
E. Sodium hydroxide

6. How does she protect herself from the danger?
A. She wears gloves
B. She wears sun glasses
C. She wears boots
D. She wears special clothing
E. She wears a jacket

7. The first step of soap-making is … .
A. Adding water to heated oil
B. Adding oil to heated water
C. Adding water and lye to heated oil
D. Adding oil to heated lye
E. Adding lye to heated water

8. The second step is … .
A. Heating them up
B. Mixing them together
C. Pouring them into a pot
D. Separating them
E. Adding another ingredient

9. A point where the liquid soap will not separate back into water and oil is called … .
A. Trust
B. Track
C. Race
D. Trace
E. Brace

10. What does she use herbs and flower for?
A. Looks and texture
B. Intense smell
C. Measurements
D. Classy looks
E. Protection

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