Snow Storm in The Middle East: Listening Practice 3 (news)

By | January 10, 2018

Listen to the news story about snow that fell in the Middle East, and then decide whether the following statements are True or False. You can download the Mp3 file by clicking this link.

  1. The speaker explains how snow forms. T/F
  2. Snow never falls in the Middle East. T/F
  3. The Eastern Mediterranean has recently seen the worst snow storm. T/F
  4. Snow has never fallen in the Eastern Mediterranean for the last twenty years. T/F
  5. Istanbul was not the only city that had been affected by the storm. T/F
  6. The snow storm had affected the lives of a large number of Syrian refugees. T/F
  7. Public transportation operating in the snow-affected areas were suspended because of snow. T/F
  8. President of Israel was not happy with the snow falling in the area. T/F


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