Save the Earth, Mr. President!: Reading Practice 3 (hortatory exposition)

By | December 5, 2017

I am a sixth-grade student at Liberty Middle School in Morganton, North Carolina. I think the first thing you should do, Mr. President, is take specific action to protect our environment. I am concerned about the natural wonders of our nation and of the world being preserved both for my generation and for future generations. There are many reasons that this concerns me.

First of all, the pollution of our earth seems to be on the increase. Factories continue to pollute, cars continue to pollute, and people continue to pollute. If this is not stopped, the human race itself may end as we continue to destroy our air, our water, and our plants and animals. Statistics show that acid rain is on the increase and the hole in the ozone layer is widening at an alarming rate.

Second, our land must be preserved. The national parks and wildlife refuges must be protected. Strict laws should be passed so that all these areas are kept safe. Also, the land in the rain forests is essential to our survival. Each year, more and more land in the rain forests is destroyed. If man continues to destroy the rain forests, the species present in them and the plant life present in them can never be replaced.

Action must be taken now, and the action taken must be firm and bound by law. I believe that you, Mr. President, care about our country. You have stated in many speeches that I have listened to and in many articles that I have read that you care about our environment. It is essential that you, as our leader, do what is necessary to preserve the earth for future generations.

In my dad’s office, he has a quote that reads, “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.” That too is my belief as a twelve-year-old citizen of the greatest country in the world—the United States of America. Mr. President, I ask you to please act now to save our country and our world.

1. What is the topic of the text?
A. President of the United States
B. Causes of pollution
C. Saving the earth from destruction
D. The need to stop pollution
E. Call for action

2. The nature of the text is … .
A. explanatory
B. procedural
C. narrative
D. persuasive
E. descriptive

3. The text is referred to as a hortatory exposition because … .
A. it is written for the president of the United States
B. it persuades the intended reader to take action
C. it argues that the earth be saved right now
D. it explains why the earth should be saved
E. it describes the destruction the earth is now faced with

4. What is the writer’s main concern?
A. the earth being destroyed
B. the effects of global warming
C. the US natural wonders
D. holes in the ozone layer
E. rain forest being destroyed

5. The writer believes that the earth can be saved by  … .
A. protecting endangered species
B. fixing the hole in the ozone layer
C. preserving rain forest and its wildlife
D. stopping pollution and protecting land
E. reducing the number of cars

6. The text has been written for … .
A. everyone
B. environmentalists
C. all of us
D. US citizens
E. the US president

7. The underlined word them in paragraph 3 means … .
A. parks
B. forests
C. refuges
D. areas
E. wildlife

8. If pollution is not stopped, what may happen?
A. the human race ends
B. the world stops turning
C. factories continue to pollute
D. acid rains fall every day
E. many animals die

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