Saudi Arabia Ends Ban on Women Drivers (Part 1): Listening Practice 6 (news)

By | January 11, 2019

The following questions are based on a news story about Saudi Arabia ending ban on women drivers. The Voice of America is the original source of the story. You can download the Mp3 file or listen online by clicking this link Saudi Arabia Lifting Ban on Women Drivers.

Listen to the news story carefully, and then decide whether the following statements are True (T) or False (F).

  1. King Salman ended ban on women drivers through a decree. T/F
  2. According to the news, the lifting of ban on women drivers was effective by June 2018. T/F
  3. The campaign to support women’s right to drive began in 2014. T/F
  4. In Saudi Arabia, driving was illegal for women and it had a legal consequence. T/F
  5. Before the decree was issued, a woman could drive only if there was a male guardian with her in the car. T/F
  6. It seems that there is no gender equality issue in Saudi Arabia. T/F
  7. Now a woman can drive alone in the car in every part of the Kingdom. T/F
  8. Women still aren’t equal to men in the Kingdom. T/F
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