Remembering Whitney Houston (Part 2): Listening Practice 3 (biography)

By | December 8, 2017

The following questions are based on the life story of superstar Whitney Houston from the Voice of America. You can download the Mp3 file by clicking this link Whitney Houston part 2

1. Whitney Houston’s marriage to Bobby Brown had surprised a lot of people. Why?
A. Her personality was pretty much the opposite of Bobby Brown’s
B. She used to hate Bobby Brown for being an industry bad boy
C. She thought they would not make a perfect match for each other
D. Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown were rivals
E. Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown were nextdoor neighbors

2. When did they get married?
A. 1992
B. 1993
C. 1994
D. 1995
E. 1996

3. Whitney Houston was called ‘the prom queen of soul’ for her … .
A. ignorance
B. dancing skill
C. great voice
D. originality
E. innocence

4. How long was she married to Bobby Brown when her professional behavior began to change?
A. 5 years
B. 6 years
C. 7 years
D. 8 years
E. 9 years

5. Many people believed that her looks and behavior changed because of … .
A. alcohol purchase
B. unhappy marriage
C. drug abuse
D. severe loneliness
E. medical treatment

6. We know from the story that Whitney’s marriage to Bobby Brown lasted for … .
A. 12 years
B. 13 years
C. 14 years
D. 15 years
E. 16 years

7. What was the sign of her physical change?
A. She lost weight
B. Her eyes drooped
C. She lost hairs
D. Her bones got weak
E. She grew older

8. Where did the superstar die?
A. in her house
B. in a hotel room
C. on stage in LA
D. in car accident
E. on business trip

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