Remembering Whitney Houston (Part 1): Listening Practice 2 (biography)

By | December 8, 2017

The following questions are based on the life story of superstar Whitney Houston from the Voice of America. You can download the Mp3 file by clicking this link Whitney Houston (part 1)

1. Whitney was born in … .
A. 1961
B. 1962
C. 1963
D. 1964
E. 1965

2. We know from the story that Whitney inherited her musical talent from her … .
A. mother
B. father
C. godmother
D. cousins
E. goddaughter

3. When Whitney was young she started her music career as a … .
A. composer
B. song writer
C. pop singer
D. back-up singer
E. arranger

4. In addition to pursuing a music career, Whitney was also a successful … .
A. writer
B. designer
C. producer
D. pianist
E. model

5. How did she get her first recording agreement?
A. She stunned a producer when performing in New York
B. She met a producer on stage in New York City
C. She just got it because she had a good luck
D. She wrote a song which then became a huge hit
E. She was watching a concert in New York City

6. When was she offered her first recording agreement?
A. 1981
B. 1982
C. 1983
D. 1984
E. 1985

7. How long did she work on her first album?
A. 1 year
B. 2 years
C. 3 years
D. 4 years
E. 5 years

8. We know from the story that her first album was … .
A. a failure
B. a success
C. a starter
D. a teaser
E. a luck

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