Question Words: Exercise 2

By | December 11, 2017

Instruction: For each question word given, make a question based on the sentence.


John usually has scrambled eggs for breakfast.
a. What: What does John usually have for breakfast?
b. Who: Who usually has scrambled eggs for breakfast?

1. Pedestrians often throw away wastepaper on the sidewalk.
a. Who
b. What
c. Where

2. Thirty nine students sit in the classroom.
a. How many
b. Who

3. The new student often sees Mary reading in the library.
a. Which student
b. Who
c. Whom
d. Where

4. Anton’s father grows a lot of moringa oleifera in the back yard because he knows how useful the plants are.
a. Why
b. Whose father
c. Who
d. What
e. Where

5. Andy hates Maria because she often tells a lie.
a. Who
b. Whom
c. Why

6. Parto and his friends study together once a week.
a. Who
b. What
c. How often

7. Tono has been studying Chapter 1 of the history book for 2 hours.
a. How long
b. What

8. Jono has twenty thousand rupiahs in his wallet.
a. How much
b. Who

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