Question Words: Exercise 1

By | December 11, 2017

Instruction: Make a yes/no question from each of these sentences. Then, using a suitable question word, make a question the answer to which is the word in italics.


Mr. Hadi teaches English.
a. Does Mr. Hadi teach English?
b. What does Mr. Hadi teach?

Parto is reading a newspaper in the living room.
a. Is Parto reading a newspaper in the living room?
b. What is Parto reading in the living room?
c. Where is Parto reading a newspaper?

1. Andy likes Erna a lot.
2. The birds are chirping on branches of trees in the morning.
3. Windy goes to school by becak.
4. Tati gets up at 5.00 A.M.
5. The baby is crying because she is hungry.
7. He goes to the zoo every month.
8. The red car is mine.
9. The students carefully listen to the teacher.
10. His uncle helps him do homework.
11. Tono is ten years old.
12. This ruler is 40 centimeters long.
13. She needs two spoons of sugar.
14. Bardi has five brothers and two sisters.
15. My father visits me here in Jakarta twice a week.
16. Maria buys a new book every month.
17. Yogyakarta is approximately 140 km from Madiun.
18. Parto keeps all the eggs in the refridgerator.
19. To me, science fiction novels are always interesting.
20. It takes 5 hours to get to my hometown.

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