Pronouns: Exercise 3

By | December 6, 2017

Instruction: Fill out the blank space with the correct form of possessive determiner.

1. I have a sister. … name is Widya.
2. … name is Lusia. I am from Indonesia.
3. My brother is a writer. This is … latest novel.
4. Rita is a charming young girl. … hair is black and … eyes are beautiful.
5. Who are those girls? I like … style.
6. The house at the corner belong to Maria and me. That is … house.
7. This is … problem, not mine. I am not responsible for that.
8. Hi, guys. … name is Budi. And this is … sister, Rita.
9. Look at the house. … paint is beginning to fade.
10. The man is an English teacher. … students like him very much.
11. I have a friend. … hobby is reading. She is one of the top students at the school.
12. This is my book. … cover is blue and white.
13. The trees become bare. … leaves have fallen off.
14. I know the man very well. … wife used to be my classmate.
15. Linda is a famous singer. I love … voice.
16. … parents are too busy earning money. I feel alone in this big house.
17. Would you take off … hat, please. Do you hear me?
18. Hardi loves Lisa. He is putting … arm around her.

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