Pronouns: Exercise 2

By | December 6, 2017

Instruction: Fill out the blank space with the correct form of object pronouns.

1. A: Who gave this pen?
B: Boby
A: I should thank … .
2. A: Have you heard the news?
B: Yes, I heard … yesterday.
3. Jessica visited … yesterday. I was so happy.
4. A: Where did you buy this book?
B: I bought … at a bookshop near my home.
5. Maria and Daniel have not known about the news yet. I am going to tell … tomorrow.
6. Jono and I were shocked. Somebody told … that our car was stolen.
7. A: Does Susan still live with … ?
B: Yes. She still lives with me.
8. A: Do you know much about Dani?
B: Yes, I do. I know … well.
9. Look at those dogs. They’re so cute. I love … .
10. A: Susana, Indri, and Rita came here yesterday.
B: Susana, I know … . But Indri and Rita, I don’t know … .
11. I am a boy, twenty years of age. Neighbours usually call … Jim.
12. Listen! Listen! Oh, I love this song. Do you like … ?
13. A: Do you want to borrow these books?
B: No, I don’t.
A: I’ll borrow … then.
14. A: Thank … for inviting us to dinner.
B: You’re welcome. I’m glad you came.
15. A: Who are you looking for?
B: I’m looking for Januar. I want to thank … for fixing my daughter’s bike.
16. Where is Sari? I’ve been looking for … all day long.
17. Iwan, Ayu, and I are happy children. Mod and dad love … all.
18. Let’s go to the party. You’re going to love … .

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