Pronouns: Exercise 1

By | December 6, 2017

Complete the following sentences with the correct form of personal pronouns.

1. Jono and Maria play tennis everyday. … love tennis very much.
2. Arif is a bright student. … is studying in the classroom right now.
3. Magie likes to travel around the world. … has visited six countries so far.
4. The Ferrari is awesome. … goes super fast like a bomb.
5. My sister and I have been waiting long. … are getting tired now.
6. The people came here yesterday. … were very nice.
7. My brother is a great writer. … has written more than twenty books on various topics.
8. The novel on the table is good. … was written by a teenage novelist.
9. Budi is a businessman. … is leaving for Jakarta at six tomorrow.
10. Greg has three cars. … are all very expensive.
11. I’ve known Didi for a long time. … is a good man.
12. Mom loves cooking very much. … is cooking in the kitchen.
13. Jono and I are very good friends. … care for each other.
14. Dad bought me some books. … are all worth reading.
15. Mira lives in a big house. … is only a few minutes from the nearest church.
16. I have a cat. … is black.
17. Titi is a kind person. … is always ready to help others.
18. Lukito is a good teacher. … teaches very well.
19. I talked with Nana and Nino yesterday. … are very good friends of mine.
20. Many people say that … am a pretty girl.

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