New Employee Announcement: Reading Practice 1 (announcement)

By | December 9, 2017

Dear Staff:

I’m very pleased to announce that Brenda Wood is joining Ciatos Products as a customer service specialist. Brenda’s first day at Ciatos Products is Monday, April 7.

Brenda has worked for a number of years in this area, and we are delighted to welcome her to the Ciatos team. If you see Brenda around the building, please take a moment to greet and welcome her to the company. She will be participating in employee onboarding activities for her first week on the job.

Brenda’s new employee mentor is Robert Lynch, so if you have questions or need to meet with Brenda, you can talk with Robert before she starts.

Brenda will be working closely with the other customer service specialists, and she will work in the customer service department wing. Thanks for joining me in welcoming Breand to the team.


Anna Scot
Department Manager

1. Who is the announcement addressed to?
A. managers
B. owner
C. staff
D. supervisors
E. stakeholders

2. What is the position for the new employee?
A. Customer Service
B. Human Resources
C. Financial Department
D. Marketing Department
E. Management

3. What is the purpose of the announcement?
A. to welcome a new employee
B. to advertise an open position
C. to announce a new employee
D. to invite staff to a meeting
E. to ask staff to meet Brenda

4. What does the Department Manager want the staff to do regarding the new employee?
A. to talk to her
B. to meet her
C. to mentor her
D. to be nice to her
E. to welcome her

5. What do you think employee onboarding activities are for?
A. welcoming new empoyees to the company
B. preparing new employees for her new job
C. making new employees feel comfortable
D. giving new employees a welcome party
E. making new employees feel at home

6. How long do the activities last?
A. 5 week
B. 4 weeks
C. 3 weeks
D. 2 weeks
E. 1 week

7. If staff want to meet with Brenda, what should they do first?
A. to stop by and say hello
B. to make a phone call
C. to visit her home
D. to give her a suprise
E. to talk with her mentor

8. What does the underlined word delighted in paragraph 2 mean?
A. contended
B. satisfied
C. excited
D. happy
E. cheerful

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