Many/Much & A lot of: Exercise 2

By | December 6, 2017

Instruction: Decide whether to use many, much, or a lot of.

1. I need to buy a text book, but I don’t have … money.
2. She needs … glasses for the party. That’s why she has borrowed a hundred from her neighbor.
3. He seems to be dehydrated. He needs to drink … water.
4. I know that he doesn’t have … friends. He is very quiet.
5. Are there … rooms available in the hotel? My relatives are coming next week.
6. I don’t have … pictures of my family.
7. She doesn’t have … knowledge of French. She finds it hard to write in French.
8. Do you know … people around here? You need to make some if you don’t.
9. We got to go home now. We have … homework to do.
10. He needs … stamps for all the letters. Could you go the post office for stamps?
11. There are … animals in the forest.
12. Satrio has … money, but he doesn’t have … friends.
13. Does the man keep … fish in the pond?
14. There is … water in the lake, but there isn’t … in the pond.
15. You should go to the central library. They should have … reference books you need.

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