Making Polite Requests 1: Listening Practice

By | September 12, 2018

You will hear a conversation that takes place in an office of a sports shoe company. Listen carefully, and then answer the questions below. You may listen online or download the Mp3 file by clicking this link Making Polite Requests 1.

1. What does Paul ask Anna to do?
A. print out a document on CBL
B. find a document on the system
C. fix a document for Paul
D. type a document on CBL
E. reprint a document on CBL

2. Paul uses a(n) … expression to make a request.
A. common
B. usual
C. great
D. good
E. polite

3. Anna can’t do the job because she … .
A. does not like Paul, her boss
B. has no idea where to find the document
C. has no time for such a job
D. wants to go home earlier
E. will make another document

4. Who does Anna ask for help?
A. No one
B. Tom
C. Paul
D. Denis
E. Victoria

5. How does Denis feel when Anna asks her for help?
A. bored
B. pleased
C. upset
D. happy
E. angry

6. Denis thinks Anna has been a little bit … to her.
A. polite
B. good
C. upset
D. nice
E. rude

7. Denis also thinks that Anna is bossy. T/F
8. The word “please” always sounds polite. T/F
9. Tom is willing to help Anna because she asks nicely. T/F
10. Anna asks Tom to set up the printer. T/F

1. A
2. E
3. B
4. D
5. C
6. E
7. T
8. F
9. T
10. T

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