Let’s Keep the Environment Clean: Reading Practice 1 (hortatory exposition)

By | December 5, 2017

Sometimes when I pass some certain places in Jakarta, I often see piles of trash by the side of the street or even by the river. The view is annoying. It makes our city look very ugly and dirty. If we walk near the the piles of trash, we could smell stinky odors coming from them.

Piles of trash bring the bacteria with them. Isn’t that very dangerous to our health if flies land on our food?

However, many people live around this mountain-like heap of trash. Many children play nearby. Also, a lot of women wash clothes and fruits and vegetables in the river which is contaminated by trash. This is terrible. I think they don’t realize the danger, because the don’t have knowledge about healthy living.

In my opinion, the government must make a regulation that prohibits people to build houses near the trash disposal (dump site). Also, there should be special officers, like police officers, who watch and catch people throwing trash on the ground or into the rivers. Moreover, if a big fine doesn’t make people stop dropping litter, the government should put them in jail as a punishment.

Finally, I think the efforts to keep our environment clean and tidy need hard work from both the citizens and the government.

1. What is the communicative purpose of the text?
A. to persuade the readers to be concerned with the trash problem
B. to describe the environmental issue to the readers
C. to inform the readers of the existing environmental issue
D. to present two points of view about Jakarta
E. to share an amusing story with the readers

2. The writer begins his/her writing with his/her own … of walking near piles of trash.
A. thought
B. experience
C. view
D. opinion
E. problem

3. The text is categorized as a hortatory exposition because in his/her writing the writer includes a paragraph that provides … .
A. opinions
B. arguments
C. reasons
D. suggestions
E. solutions

4. The underlined word them in paragraph 1 refers to … .
A. odors
B. our city
C. piles of trash
D. certain places
E. street and river

5. Read paragraph 3 and find this sentence: “This is terrible.” What does this refer to?
A. knowing that piles of trash bring the bacteria with them
B. passing through the ugly-looking city of Jakarta
C. walking near piles of trash and smelling stinky odors
D. seeing piles of trash by the side of the street
E. seeing many people living around heaps of trash

6. What is the text mainly about?
A. How to live healthily
B. The government’s problem
C. The trash problem in Jakarta
D. Children playing around piles of trash
E. The police officers’ problem

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