Surviving The Heat: Listening Practice 4 (explanation)

By | December 11, 2017

The following questions are based on the story of how to survive the heat provided by Voice of America. You can download the Mp3 file by clicking this link: How to survive the heat.

1. You can do the following things to protect yourself from extreme heat, except … .
A. stay out of the sun
B. drink cool water
C. wear light-colored clothing
D. wear hats made of natural materials
E. do physical activity

2. When people have heat stress, they suffer … .
A. muscle pain
B. headache
C. burnout
D. toothache
E. back pain

3. The pain people suffer (related to question number 2) is a sign … .
A. that the air temperature is rising
B. that you should go see the doctor
C. that your body temperature is rising
D. that you should return to physical activity
E. that serious conditions will develop

4. Heat is dangerous for these people, except … .
A. those with too much body fat
B. those who drink alcohol
C. those with high blood presure
D. those who like to drink coffee
E. those with poor blood circulation

5. What is the condition that develops from heat stress?
A. heat exhaustion
B. extreme fatique
C. loosing water
D. perspiration problem
E. fast heartbeat

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