How paper is made: listening practice 3 (explanation)

By | December 24, 2017

The following questions are based on the story of making paper by hand. You can download the Mp3 file by clicking this link: How to Make Paper by Hand

1. The speaker says that the steps of making paper by hand are … those by machines.
A. simpler than
B. the same as
C. more complex
D. cheaper
E. less difficult

2. The speaker mentions the following materials for making paper, except … .
A. old envelopes
B. newspaper
C. coloured paper
D. cloth
E. poster

3. Before the materials are put in a container, they should be … .
A. torn into pieces
B. extracted by pressure
C. squeezed firmly
D. pressed hard together
E. cut into small pieces

4. All the materials are put in a container, covered with water, and then … .
A. heated
B. mixed
C. stirred
D. shaken
E. burned

5. The next step of making paper by hand is … .
A. to pour the materials in a mold
B. to stir all the materials
C. to mix the materials with chemicals
D. to cut the materials into pieces
E. to press the materials together

6. After that, everything should be … .
A. taken from the container
B. allowed to cool and dry up
C. put in a mold made of wire
D. pressed and shaped
E. stored in a cold place

7. Before the pulp is put in a mold, it should be … .
A. stored in a cold place
B. heated again for another hour
C. mixed with water again
D. struck over and over
E. allowed to dry up

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