How Snow Forms: Listening Practice 5 (explanation)

By | March 20, 2020

You will hear a brief explanation of how snow forms. Listen carefully, and then decide whether the statements below are True or False. You can download the Mp3 file by clicking thins link .

  1. The speaker explains how snow falls. T/F
  2. Snow contains snow crystals. T/F
  3. Ice particles group together to form snow crystals. T/F
  4. Water droplets turn into snow crystals in colder clouds. T/F
  5. There are six different shapes of snow crystals. T/F
  6. Snow crystals always have two sides. T/F
  7. Plate-like snow crystals form when the temperature within clouds reaches 15 degrees C° below zero. T/F
  8. Columnar ice crystals are flat. T/F
  9. The shape of snow crystals will remain the same and is not affected by air temperature. T/F
  10. When the air temperature is cold enough, snow may turn into hail. T/F






















Key Answers:

  1. F
  2. T
  3. F
  4. T
  5. F
  6. F
  7. T
  8. F
  9. F
  10. T

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