How Snow Forms: Listening Practice 5 (explanation)

By | December 12, 2017

You will hear a brief explanation of how snow forms. Listen carefully, and then decide whether the statements below are True or False. You can download the Mp3 file by clicking this link.

  1. The speaker explains how snow falls. T/F
  2. Snow contains snow crystals. T/F
  3. Ice particles group together to form snow crystals. T/F
  4. Water droplets turn into snow crystals in colder clouds. T/F
  5. There are six different shapes of snow crystals. T/F
  6. Snow crystals always have two sides. T/F
  7. Plate-like snow crystals form when the temperature within clouds reaches 15 degrees below zero. T/F
  8. Columnar ice crystals are flat. T/F
  9. The shape of snow crystals will remain the same and is not affected by air temperature. T/F
  10. When the air temperature is cold enough, snow may turn into hail. T/F
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