Hotel Work Training Course: Reading Practice 2 (announcement)

By | December 6, 2017

If you are young men and women who have strong interest in hospitality industry, you are invited to take part in the one month training course on hotel work which is organized by the Bali Institute of Hotel Management. The training is free of charge and participants who successfully complete the course will be offered employment in one of the leading hotels in Bali.

The Training Course is scheduled to take place from Monday 21st July to Friday 22nd August, from 9.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. daily, except Saturdays and Sundays.

Applications for places on the course are welcome for students now in their third year at secondary school. You should have good knowledge of English and great interest in hotel work.

Application forms may be obtained from:

The Bali Institute of Management
Box 497
The Bali Daily Post

The closing date for application is April 29th.

1. The purpose of the text is to … .
A. to inform the public about a job opportunity
B. to invite people to work in hotels
C. to announce a hotel training course
D. to inform about scholarship
E. to tell people about a training course

2. How much will participants have to pay for the course?
A. None
B. full charge
C. $100
D. a lot
E. more

3. Those who successfully complete the course will be given … .
A. free tuition
B. a further training course
C. a chance to stay in the colony hotels
D. jobs in big hotels in the colony
E. an opportunity to study in the institute

4. How many times a week does the course take place?
A. once
B. twice
C. three times
D. four times
5. five times

5. You can apply for the hotel work training if you … .
A. are able to speak Mandarin
B. are a secondary school graduate
C. have good knowledge of English
D. are a reputable university graduate
E. have two-year experience in hotel work

6. What is the meaning of tuition in paragraph 1?
A. money
B. fee
C. price
D. tax
E. ticket

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