Few & A few: Exercise 1

By | December 6, 2017

Instruction: Read these sentences carefully. Decide whether to use few or a few.

1. Maria feels lonely. She only has … friends.
2. Maria is a new comer to this school, but she already has … friends she could hang out with.
3. The concert was a failure. Only … people bought the tickets.
4. It is six o’clock in the evening, and the concert is starting in 45 minutes. … people have already come for the concert. More people are expected to come.
5. It’s already 6.45, and the concert is starting in a few minutes. But I only see … people here. It’s freaking ackward.
6. We have to close down the business. It’s not profitable. The number of people coming to our shop have decreased drastically, and now we only have … customers.
7. Come over to my house. I have … movies to choose from my collections.
8. Don’t worry. You still have … days before the presentation. You have enough time for preparation.
9. Maria left … hours ago. She is coming back here again tomorrow.
10. The house has been abandoned for years. There are only … things left. You can hardly find anything there.
11. Could you give me … more minutes, please? I need more time to complete this task.
12. I’ll give you … clues. I’m sure you’ll be able to figure it out yourself.
13. Check out this website. They have … good tips on how to improve your English.
14. Sorry, I only have … ideas. I can’t think straight right now.
15. Almost all tables at the restaurant have been booked. There are only … available for reservation.
16. Don’t worry, guys. I have … dollars left in my wallet. It’s enough to buy some food.
17. He has spent too much today. He only has … dollars left in his pocket.
18. … students gathered in the audio visual room upstairs. They were going to have a choir rehearsal.

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